Indian Valley Goats

Mocha.... ADGA Registration # N1658350, Spring Mtn Mocha.  Wow! Is she a stunning girl, or what?  She is very loudly spotted and catches the eye as soon as she is in view!  Mocha just (Spring 2017) gave us a beautiful threesome of babies - 2 girls and a boy and loves her babies with all she has.  She is a sweet and quiet girl and seems very drawn to Poppy as her BFF.  Poppy and Mocha are so close, in fact, that they kidded on the same day this year and both had triplets!  Mocha's babies are just as loudly designed as this sweet girl is herself.

Emma... ADGA Registration # AN1855508, Spring Mtn Emma.  Emma is the full twin sister to Strawberry.  A full deep chest and great udder attachment, she gave birth to twin daughters, Kachina and Nova on February 23rd this year out of Sachem.  As sweet as her sister, Strawberry, Emma is a great milker and loves to please! 

Poppie.... ADGA Registration # AN1778769, Spring Mtn Poppie.  Poppie is an American Nubian and has just given us 3 drop dead gorgeous bucklings just this Spring (2017)!  She is as tall and long and beautiful as a Nubian comes and we are excited to be milking her this season.... stay tuned for her "output", but I don't fear as her triplets are growing like weeds!

Strawberry... ADGA Registration # AN1820320, Spring MTN Strawberry.  This yearling doe is just amazing.  She has the personality that makes you just want to bring her home and read a good book with her on your lap.  Last year, during Pumpkin Festival here on the farm, we noticed her demeanor change completely when introduced to individuals with disabilities.  When approaching some of these people who communication ability is difficult she became exceedingly gentle and loving.  This makes Strawberry irreplaceable to us! 

Jane.... ADGA Registration # N1463873.  Cossayuna Jane of June is a 1*M milker and a loving doe and a worry wart.  She is the type of doe that needs a kiss before every milking and an animal cracker after each milking.  Just don't change anything around in her routine (we think she may have a bit of OCD)!  Jane produced a beautiful baby girl in 2015 named Birdie and twin boys in 2016 named Arrow and Spear.  Jane is a fantastic producer of just under 12 pounds of milk a day at her peak.   

Pudding.... ADGA Registration # N1463872.  Cossayuna June's Pudding.  Pudding is the mom of Red Cloud and a fantastic milker.  In 2015 she was producing over a gallon a day for months on end.  She is tall and long and just beautiful.  A very sweet girl that likes to eat (a bit too much) hay!  She is BFF's with Jane (noted above). 

Emily....ADGA Registration # N1500734, Cossayuna Emily of Penelope is a 2*M milker!  Emily is a sweet, low key girl that likes to do her own thing - she has never been a follower.  She gave us a beautiful buck, Tomahawk, last year (2016) and this year she kidded two striking bucklings on April 30, Tahoma and Takoda.  Emily is a 2*M and gives me at least a gallon a day.  Her ADGA# is PN1500734

Pokie.... ADGA Registration #N1857018, Indian Valley Pocahontas is a beautiful doe out of a prime doe, Heather of Charolette (N1500740).  She has perfect udder attachment, wide chest and long legs.  She blessed us with twin boys on April 12th of this year, Etu and Jacy, who you can find on our sale page.  Both of these boys are striking and would make great future herd sires!

Ray-Ray.... and here is where it all began!  In the "About Us" tab you will read our little story of Ray-Ray.  Ray-Ray is an unregistered whether (castrated male) that is our forever pet.  He made us fall in love with goats, specifically Nubian goats, and it all went on from there!  Although Ray-Ray does not have fancy blood lines, can't produce milk and can't produce kids - he is, by far, our absolute favorite! 

Red Cloud.... ADGA Registration # N1857020.  Indian Valley Goats Red Cloud is the other of our gorgeous purebred Nubian bucks.  Last year (2016) he threw his first daughter and she is the epitome of the perfect doe today!  Red was born to Pudding (ADGA# PN1463872) also in April of 2015.  Red was named after a Sioux tribesman who became a natural leader and spokesman of his people.  An updated photo will be here soon!

Nuttah.... ADGA Registration # AN1857665, Indian Valley Nuttah is a yearling doe out of Missy and Red that is really coming into her own all of the sudden.  She is growing out of her "teenage" years and looking more stunning by the day.  We can't wait to see what she gives us next year!

Sachem....  ADGA Registration # N1857019.  Indian Valley Goats Sachem is one of our two beautiful purebred Nubian bucks here at Indian Valley Goats.  His babies are just gorgeous - most with very loud markings, and he is currently throwing about a 50/50 mix of boys and girls.  His mom, Heather (ADGA# PN1500740) was a great milker with strong confirmation that carries through her generations.  Sachem was born in April of 2015.  Sachem was named after the Native American tribe that settled in what is now Saugus MA

Lady...  ADGA Registration # N1849828, HTH Mariner's Lady Fair.  There is so much to love about this girl and all of the beautiful purebred Nubian characteristics that she is bringing into our herd.  On April 27 of this year she freshened for the first time with a beautiful jet black buckling from Red.  We will be retaining him as our Junior Herd Sire and look for many more gorgeous kids from Lady.

Missy.... ADGA Registration #AN1849861, Spring Mtn Mistletoe.  Missy is just beautiful, and last year her and Red produced a gorgeous doeling, Nuttah.  Missy is perfect on the milk stand and easily produces over 10 lbs per day during the Summer.  A fantastic mom and easy keeper with confirmation that makes you look twice, she is hard to beat!

At Indian Valley Goats, we have a closed, clean herd.  We test yearly for CAE, CL and Johne's diseases (these are 3 caprine diseases that responsible goat breeders are doing their best to eradicate from all goats to prevent needless suffering).  We also do G6S testing on any registered Nubians that we intend to breed every 3 years.  Once a Nubian is tested negative (or both parents of that goat have tested negative), there is no reason to retest him / her again, as this is a genetic fault that will never change over time. 

If you are interested in purchasing a goat from us please ask us for documentation of the testing that was done for the adult animal or documentation of the parents' testing if a baby.  We will always be happy to provide that information.  If you are looking at goats from other breeders, please do the same so we can all be working towards disease free herds and healthy animals.

Please visit our "Goats Available for Sale" Page to see this year's kids that are currently available.  Feel free to send us an email at if we can help answer any of your questions.

Enjoy the photos and bios of our herd to the left!  :)

Birdie.... ADGA Registration # N1857019, Indian Valley Sacajawea (translates to "little bird") is the offspring of  Jane (listed above).  Although she is now over 2 years old, we held off breeding her as she had some catching up to do with growing - she was a bit premature when born, but boy has she made up for it!  A gorgeous straight back, long legs and great udder attachment makes us very excited to see what she will produce for us next Spring!

Simone.... Our herd queen.  ADGA Registration # N1356862.  Cossayuna Sonia Simone is a 2*M milker. Simone likes to keep everyone in line and produces approximately 9 pounds a day of delicious milk!  She is a dream on the milk stand, loves all babies and keeps the peace when the girls squabble.